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Find your golf course, click on the course, then click the link to it's personal page and the clubs collectibles.
Check to see if your club is listed and we have a personal page.
If not send a scorecard or bagtag image and one will be created.
Any and all donations of images or collectibles is appreciated.

Golf Course Search Engine
Course Name 
State or Country

My search engine has all known golf clubs (courses) including clubs of the past and clubs that have changed their name or merged.
If you know of any clubs of the past, please check the search engine and let me know if the club needs to be added.

Golf Club Collectibles

My Personal Coded Golf Club Database is for Historians, Researchers, Collectors and Sellers of Golf Club Collectibles

The major part of my collection is Golf Club Buttons from throughout the World. I believe by displaying my collection will increase interest from collectors throughout the world. I will also be displaying images and drawings I receive, even if I do not personally have the collectible. If you have articles that you believe could help collectors, email the article and or image to me and I'll post it. Images are improved and upgraded when better images are obtained. Any and all information is deeply appreciated.

Above is my golf course search engine that is designed to help Historians, Researchers, Collectors and Sellers of Golf Club Collectibles. In the database is all known golf clubs or courses that ever existed, including golf clubs of the past and golf clubs that have changed their name or merged with other clubs.

Each golf club has a personal page that will allow the individual clubs to view images of their club's collectibles. Additional information about the club is also added to help give a time line of the collectibles and their history.

If the club is listed with a link to the clubs personal page. The clubs personal home page will have the best image displayed. Below the image is a list of additional links of the clubs collectibles. If the club isn't listed, let me know so I can add it to the database and create a personal page and give it a code number.

I'm also creating personal pages for all the golf clubs of the past, so when vistors have images of a club that no longer exists, they can email me their images (both front and back) so I can add the images to the club's personal page, giving them the credits for the images.

Any golf clubs that would like to help with their personal page, they can send a few scorecards and a bagtag. I would scan them, put the images on their personal page and add them to the collection. The older clubs may have images of old scorecards or postcards from their club that they can scan and email the images.

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High resolution photos and stories can be emailed
or sent via U.S. mail.

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