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Rates and Packages Offered

We offer 2 types of packages, the choice is yours as to what you feel more comfortable with. With both services, we will be available to you throughout the year to answer any questions or to take a look at any redesigns that your site may be going through and offer our suggestions to the proper optimization of the page. The monitoring of your websites position will need to be done by someone in your company. Should your website start to fall off of the first page, which is virtually non-existent with our services, but in case it should, we will re-evaluate your site to determine what can be done to resume the first page listings and then make sure it is re-evaluated by the major search engines the following month.

Option 1: This is the only option for the Standard Localized Package. Pay the full amount at the beginning of the service. The website marketing services will continue throughout the year, but there will be no more payment due, your website will be re-introduced to the major search engines every month because of a tag we use, it will never be by an automatic submission software.

Option 2: This option is available only to the National, National Plus and International Packages. Pay a down payment amount, this to be determined depending on the package chosen below, and pay the balance out over time up to 1 year, with a minimum amount of $50 per month. This option may prove to be more expensive in the long run, but will allow you the same benefits as our other package, and will give you more flexibility with your budget payment structure.

Web Site keyword, description, titles and site analysis. Per set refers to the types of products/services you are offering, ex., one site only has 1 type of product, multiple pages, but only one area they are targeting, such as a golf course. Another website has golf lessons, golf equipment, golfing resorts, etc. Each page would need to have specific industry meta’s designed. All packages below will include 1 set of copyrighted metas, specifically produced for the client, and the price in total for the promotion.

Standard Package: Localized Target Submission $1200.00:Website marketing is targeted on a more "localized" basis but can still be found by anyone, anywhere when they are looking for your type of business in your location. Web site promotion includes manual submissions to around 70 search engines (including MSN, Yahoo and Google) and around 30 websites, the amount of websites correlating to your industry and search engines can vary. Around 100+ submissions in total.

National Package: Nationalized Target Submission $2300.00: Website marketing is targeted on a more "National" basis, including some websites correlating to your industry. Manual submissions to around 100 search engines (including MSN, Yahoo and Google) and 100 websites depending on the nature of the business, the amount of websites and search engines can vary. Around 200+ submissions in total.

National Plus Package: Nationalized Target Submission $3400.00: The difference between this and the one above is the type of website this would apply to. For instance, an automotive site would need to be in this because the competition is so fierce and there are so many sites I can submit this to in order to "command" the search query they would desire in their industry. This promotion concentrates more on about 200 industry specific manual website submissions and around 100 search engines (including MSN, Yahoo and Google), totaling around 300+ submissions.

International Package: International Target Submission $4500.00: Website marketing is targeted on an "International" basis, including websites correlating to your industry. This submission depends on the site and should not be committed to until we have discussed it. Manual submissions to around 200 search engines (including MSN, Yahoo and Google) and 200 websites, depending on the nature of the business, the amount of websites and search engines can vary. Around 400+ submissions in total.

Additional sets of complete meta’s are $200.00 per set

Other information

Search engines don't care how fancy your site looks, how professional your presentation is, only that you have what it takes to make first page ranks for relevancy to your business and that your site can be read properly to make that happen. It is that simple, that basic. That is what we do for you.

Our website marketing approach is targeted to your customers, we find the searches your customers are actually using. We focus our techniques not just on the keywords you would use to describe yourself, but on those words your customers use to find your type of business. They are different, and the difference makes us the website marketing experts! Search engine optimization companies are new, SEO is evolving, it means rewriting copy, tags, links, and more without ruining your site. Does SEO expertise require smarts? Yes, we think so but not the kind that you can read in books or articles. No, it is instinct that tells us what to do. Just as in any industry, the best ones have the talent, and we feel we have just that.

Our SEO services specialize in highly targeted and focused keyword research, analysis, and writing. We attract the visitors that matter most to your business, and whose business matters most to you. We do not load your pages with useless lists of keywords or set you up with link farms that bring you uninterested traffic to your business.

Think of the process as this, you are planning to build a house for the purpose of resale. You hire an architect, they design it, the plumbers and electricians make the inner workings of the house and you hire a real estate professional to sell the house. All 3 are vital in the process, yet each has their own expertise and usually do not know the others fields. Well, you hire a web designer to design the site - the architect - they hire a script writer or programmer to create your database or the internal functions - the plumbers and electricians - a search engine submission and website marketing specialist is contracted to make sure people can find this site - the real estate professional. If the first 2 have been done successfully, you must have the third as well and that is where we come in.

Our specialties include but are not limited to:

  • Web site submissions manually with consistent results, year after year

  • Search engine placement and positioning determined personally

  • Online web advertising consultations and suggestions

  • Search engine marketing strategy and proper registration

  • Internet marketing consultants added as an extension to your business

  • Targeted web site traffic from the types of customers you want, not from those free for all pages or link farm listing that many other submission services place your site into

  • Search engine listings report at the end of the submission

  • Web site optimization prior to the submission

  • Meta tag creation with copyrighted and researched targeted industry related phrases

  • Consistent yearly web site rankings from the top search engines for the same targeted search terms

  • Targeted marketing by industry and/or location on a national, local or international basis

SEO or Search Engine Optimization and SEM or Search Engine Marketing Services: This is the process of making sure your website is read properly by search engines that use a robot or spider, human edited directories, or text based indexing. Applying search engine optimization techniques to your site is a must if your site is to be indexed properly. Search engine and keyword research alone can require many hours just to determine where your company's site will make the most impact, what kinds of audiences to target, and how best to revise site content for better search engine placement.

Don't make the mistake that has misled so many site producers and developers into thinking that if "you build it they will come." They won't. What's all this about search engine optimization? Is it worth listening to? A trend with staying power? The answer is yes. Search engine optimization companies do make a difference. Some search engine optimization techniques are better than others, and some search engine optimization companies are better than others, we can prove that we are just that.

Website Marketing and Search Engine Submissions Services: Organic or natural search results which are the non-pay-for listings, still account for the most search engine result choices by the potential client, and by all accounts are the most important. We are the kind of company that finds not just the obvious keywords but the ones that will get you the best results. These are 2 separate types of submissions, one is to the major search engines and the other introduces your site to other websites that would compliment your business and be frequented by your type of customers.

Contact us for a quote on your website at marketing@golftracer.com