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                Golf Club & Code Numbers Scorecard Index Page
      Click on each particular club scorecard to view a photo and description page of that club scorecard(s). Each club scorecard       page could have more than one style scorecard. The Golf Club Collection is dedicated to preserving Golf Club History and       constantly searching for additional information. Anyone who has an item not featured here, please e-mail us information on it,       so we can include some information and photos of it on this site.

      I would like to thank the Ebayers that are selling golf club scorecards for taking the time and      sending me the front and back images of their golf club scorecards and giving the permission to      use the images. Many have sent better images then presented on Ebay, so the Historians,      Researchers, Collectors and Sellers could better identify the Golf Club Scorecard.

Golf Clubs (A)

Golf Clubs (B)
Baltusrol Golf Club - NJ-0010
Baton Rouge Country Club - LA-0011
Benbow Valley Golf Course - CA-0050
Bill Mazerowski Golf Course - OH-0730

Golf Clubs (C)

Golf Clubs (D)

Golf Clubs (E)
Elmbrook Golf Course - NJ-0451

Golf Clubs (F)

Golf Clubs (G)

Golf Clubs (H)

Golf Clubs (I)

Golf Clubs (J)

Golf Clubs (K)

Golf Clubs (L)

Golf Clubs (M)
Minne-Monesse Golf Club - IL-0355
Medford Lakes Country Club - NJ-0135

Golf Clubs (N)
New Brunswick Country Club - NJ-0337

Golf Clubs (O)

Golf Clubs (P)
Park Country Club of Buffalo - NY-0489
Passaic County Golf Course - NJ-0171
Preakness Hills Country Club - NJ-0355

Golf Clubs (Q)

Golf Clubs (R)
Ridgewood Country Club - NJ-0195

Golf Clubs (S)
Sandy Burr Country Club - MA-0377
San Francisco Golf Club - CA-0621
Shady Lawn Golf Course - IL-0503
Springdale Park Golf Course - MI-0636

Golf Clubs (T)
Toms River Country Club - NJ-0237

Golf Clubs (U)

Golf Clubs (V)

Golf Clubs (W)

Golf Clubs (X-Y-Z)
Yale Golf Club - CT-0163
Yahnundasis Golf Club - NY-0781

Golf Clubs (Unknown)

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