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"New Brunswick Golf Club"

New Brunswick Golf Club
Image from the collection of John Sagi

New Brunswick Golf Club
Used Postcard

New Brunswick Golf Club
Image submitted by Ken Burkhart

New Brunswick Golf Club

New Brunswick Golf Club
Image from the collection of John Sagi

New Brunswick Golf Club
Used - Postmarked DEC 11 1906

New Brunswick Golf Club
Image from a Private Collector

New Brunswick Golf Club
Unused - Pub. by Geo. Schneider and Son. New Brunswick, N.J.

New Brunswick Golf Club - NJ-0337 - Changed name to the New Brunswick Country Club- NJ-0464
Photographer:Hargrave, New York
Title: Ross Hall, Antill House, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Date: c1900 Size of Mount: 5 ¼ x 8 ½ inches

Wonderful record of lost architectural history. Antill House was built in 1740 by Edward Antill, described as a gentleman farmer whose wife Anne Morris was the daughter of Lewis Morris, Royal Governor of New Jersey. The original Georgian structure was known to have retained the design elements of the Dutch colonial farmhouse with a width that is greater than its depth. The Greek Revival portico was added in the mid-19th Century. The interior was described as Georgian in style with two rooms on each end of a classical hallway. It is also known as Ross Hall, named after its second owner Alexander Ross. The five bay, brick & stone structure measured 56 by 39 feet and stood on the northeast corner of River Road and Ross Hall Boulevard, Piscataway. It is said that George Washington stayed at Ross Hall on July 4th, 1778 to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Independence hosting a banquet for his patriotic compatriots.

In 1894 the New Brunswick Golf Club was founded. It is considered one of the earliest golf clubs in America and is listed as among the first members of the United States Golf Association. In 1897 new property was leased to build a 9 hole course in Piscataway and Ross Hall served as the clubhouse for some time. It was demolished around 1958, due to a fire. A small developement took most of the land where the golf once stood. I believe the rest of the property is owned by Rutgers University and is saved as a preserve.

On the back of the photo is written in pencil, “Ross Hall, Raritan (now New Brunswick) N.J., Built by Edw. Antill II & Now the Golf Club House.”

Information submitted by Ken Burkhart and John Sagi

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New Brunswick Golf Club

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