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Larry Levow, PGA

Country Club of Miami

6801 Miami Gardens Drive
Miami, FL 33015

County: Dade

Phone: 561-702-9202


Email: llonnet@prodigy.net

Website: floridagolflessons.com

Larry Levow has been on the Golf Channel and worked with and for 4 of the top 10 golf teachers in the world, Bob Toski, Jimmy Ballard, Dave Pelz, and Rick Martino@ PGA Of America Golf Schools. He is also the Senior Instructor for the Kevin Perkins Golf Academy at the Country Club Of Miami. Larry may be the only golf coach or golf instructor with his golf school and golf teaching experience. Because Larry has worked with four of the top ten teachers in the world and has taught golfers of all levels; (from some of the worlds top PGA Tour players to people who have never played, to the youngest Juniors to Senoirs of many years, and people from many walks of life), he is keenly aware of the individual needs of his golf students. Larry can teach a variety of learning styles and understands a variety of golf instruction methods. This experience has also enhanced new discoveries for golf lessons and golf instruction technique. The willing amateur and the seasoned professional alike notice an increased level in their playing ability following golf instruction from Larry. Golfers find that their newly refined skills improve ball striking and lower their score. PGA Tour players find they have a fatter wallet.

Hourly Rate: $80.00

Junior Rate: $25.00

Clinic Rate: $80.00 HR.

Video Lesson: $80.00 HR.

Playing Lesson: $100.00 HR.

Call for additional rate information.

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