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James Muldoon, PGA

Boca Raton Executive C.C.

1 Peeble Creek Golf Club
Tampa, Florida 33613

County: Palm Beach

Phone: 561-654-4885


Email: jmuldoon1@earthlink.net

Website: www.tourexperience.com

I have given many lesson since becomming a P.G.A. professional 1987, to indiviuals as well as group lessons and juniors. I have work very hard to keep up with the latest ideas in teaching. I am an acomplished club fitter having fit over 500 people over the last 4 years at my job at golf trader.

Hourly Rate: $80.00

Junior Rate: $30.00 1/2 hour

Clinic Rate: $50.00 per hour

Video Lesson: *

Playing Lesson: *

Call for additional rate information

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