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"Berkleigh Country Club"

Berkleigh Country Club
From the Collection of Ron Fendrick

Berkleigh Country Club
Club Patch

Berkleigh Country Club - PA-0031 - founded in October 1925 and incorporated in 1927. Robert White, a native of St. Andrew's Scotland, and first president of the Professional Golfer's Association (PGA of America) was our course architect and superintendent. Robert White was truly a man of great vision. We honor him for this championship golf course set among the majestic rolling hills of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The club, founded by residents of Berks and Lehigh counties, is easily accessible from both counties; hence the name Berkleigh. Changed their name to the Berkleigh Golf Club PA-0823 and is now open to the public.

Any additional images and information about the Berkleigh Country Club is appreciated.

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Berkleigh Country Club

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