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"Golf Club Museum's Newsletter"

I've completed the creation of a personal page for every known golf course/club known including the past and courses that have changed their name or merged in the USA. I'm now able to add images and information to the courses personal page. This also helps to trace the clubs that have changed their name, so links can be added to the new clubs personal page.

While researching the past clubs I found many lists of golf courses that only had a single name. There wasn't a golf course or golf club mentioned which makes it difficult to identify.

With the beginning of golf in the USA, I found that many towns started the game of golf with anywhere from two players to a group of players and they may have had a personal name they called their golf course. Their scorecards may have been hand written and the equipment was shared or handmade.

My search engine has all known golf clubs (courses) including clubs of the past and clubs that have changed their name or merged. If you know of any clubs of the past, please check the search engine and let me know if a club needs to be added.

With the personal pages setup, I can receive images and information that will give us proof that that course existed and the town can get back a piece of their history.

After the USA, I'll start working on the United Kingdom which I already have over 2,000 golf courses, mostly the active. Anyone that can help with the golf courses of the past or golf courses that have changed their name or merged, it would be a great help to get their name and the county the golf course was in.

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