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"Sidcup Golf Club"

Button # 438
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button # 438a
30mm Birmingham HM 1915 'F&S' LONDON 'JOHNSON WALKER & TOLHURST'

Button # 439
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 439a

Button # 53
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button # 53a
30mm Birmingham HM 1916 'F & S' LONDON 'JOHNSON WALKER & TOLHURST'

Sidcup Golf Club - The club was formed in 1891 and based originally at Hurst Road, Sidcup, Kent. The club was uncertain about the following when I wrote to them some years ago. Sheerness and Shortlands GCs were certain that these types did not apply to their clubs, so the attribution is at present given as Sidcup. The button shown as (# 539) is a copper gilt uniform type showing the famous White Horse of Kent as the central charge. The reverse bears the retailerís title Johnson Walker & Tolhurst London; the company also supplied many livery buttons. The same pattern in silver, is hall marked London 1905 by F & S (Firmin & Sons) (# 538) but retailed as for the preceding item. I also have a London 1904 issue, with a makerís mark P.F., probably another member of the Firmin family. Finally the Ladies issue S.L.G.C. (# 53) is back-marked Birmingham 1912 by F & S and the same retailer.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Sidcup Golf Club
#53 Sidcup Ladies Golf Club

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