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"New Club Musselburgh Golf Club"

Button # 484
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 484a

New Club Musselburgh Golf Club - The club was formed in 1893 at Musselburgh, Midlothian. The Club as such does not appear in the 1954 Golfers Handbook, so I hope a member can supply the missing details. The uniform gilt button is a very fine convex example. Within a Celtic style border are crossed clubs and four balls, the clubs are overlaid with a title circle and a rococo shield. The shield bears the matriculated arms of The Honest Town of Musselburgh: Azure three anchors in pale, one in chief and two in the flanks or, accompanied with as many mussels, two in the dexter and sinister chief points and the third in base proper. The Club omitted the motto ‘Honesty’. The reverse is marked, Kirkwood & Son Edinr.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

New Club Musselburgh Golf Club

Buttons # 484

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