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Button # 610
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Button # 610a
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CH L(adies) Golf Club - With the button being assayed Birmingham 1913,

The following are possibles:
1. Camberley Heath Ladies Golf Club (Surrey - Founded 1913 - an Arms display is now used).
2. Cleveleys Hydro Ladies Golf Club (Lancashire) midway between Fleetwood and Blackpool. 9 holes. Dates
3. Croham Hurst Ladies Golf Club (Surrey - Founded 1911).
4. Coombe Hill Ladies Golf Club (Surrey - Founded 1911).
5. Copt Heath Ladies Golf Club (Warwicks - Founded 1910) - an Arms display now in use.
6. Coventry Hearsall Ladies Golf Club (Warwicks - Founded 1894) (Arms in use but are most likely the original
7. Crofton Hall Ladies Golf Club (Wakefield, Yorkshire) still going in 1952 but now gone.
8. Craigie Hill Ladies Golf Club (Perthshire - Founded 1911) The City of Perth 'Eagle' arms in their badge
     is probably original).
9. Cox Hoe Ladies Golf Club (Durham) extant in 1932, that is all I know, now gone.
10. Coopers Hill Ladies Golf Club (Byfleet, Surrey) is shown in the 1909/10 'Golfing Annual' I have no other details.
11. Chastleton Hill Ladies Golf Club (Oxfordshire - Founded 1895) probably part of the Chastleton House estate.
       Golf course long gone, the Jacobean House now a National Trust property.
12. Chosen Hill Ladies Golf Club (Gloucestershire) no other knowledge.
13. Clough Hall Ladies Golf Club (Kidsgrove, Staffordshire - Founded 1907) goes early 1920s I think.
14. Colney Heath Ladies Golf Club' (Hertfordshire) c1890 possibly eventually merged with Porters Park Golf Club.
       A good possibility this one.

C.H.L.G..C. - 1

Button # 610

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