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616 From Dixon Pickup


East Linton Golf Club
The only club going in the 1950s and NOW DEFUNCT was East Linton,
Prestonkirk, East Lothian, Scotland.
46 From John Sagi

F.G.C. - 1

612 From Dixon Pickup

F.G.C. - 2

613 From Dixon Pickup

G.C. - 1

409 From John Sagi

G.D.G.C. - 1

68 From John Sagi

G.G.C. - 1

222 From John Sagi

G.N.G.C. - 1

530 From John Sagi

H & St.L.G.C. - 1

Identified as:
Hastings & St Leonards Golf Club
207 From John Sagi

H.G.C. - 1

184 From John Sagi

H.G.C. - 3

187 From John Sagi

H.G.C. - 4

614 From Dixon Pickup

H.G.C. - 5

615 From Dixon Pickup

H.G.C. - 6

617 From Dixon Pickup

H.G.C. - 8

715 From John Sagi

H.G.C. - 7

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From the Collection of John E. Sagi