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"Country Club of York"

Country Club of York
Image from the collection of John Sagi

Country Club of York
Image from the collection of John Sagi

Country Club of York - PA-0668 - found in 1885, Mr. Grier Hersh, a banker and prominent businessman, laid York's first known golf course at his estate known as "Springdale". It was a nine-hole course, which measured only 2,281 yards with a par of 34. He often invited friends to join him for a round of golf. One of his friends, a Mr. A. B. Farquhar wrote in his autobiography "The First Million Is the Hardest" the following:I took the Colonel (Keitt) over to a neighbor, Grier Hersh and we talked over things connected with the war (Civil War), and Mr. Hersh took usout to explain the new game of golf, a course for which he had just started. It was the first golf course started in York and the first time it had come to my attention.
Courtesy of Country Club Of York

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Country Club of York

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