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"Medford Lakes Country Club"

Medford Lakes Country Club Patch
Image submitted by an Older Club Member

Medford Lakes Country Club Logo

Medford Lakes Country Club - NJ-0135 - HISTORY OF THE CLUB

The Medford Lakes Country Club was started in 1929 with the acquisition of the 115 acre Shrider Farm. The original course consisted of 9 holes built under the supervision of the Scot, Alexander Finlay and it was expanded to 18 holes in 1969.

The original idea of a golf course in Medford Lakes was conceived by Leon Todd. He felt that a golf course could make our area a complete vacation land. His dream became a reality and today we are proud of the course and community.

The Medford Lakes Development Company acquired the ground necessary for the original course. In the 1930's, the club was incorporated as the Medford Lakes Country Club. The first president under the new corporation was Charles Morrison. He was president from 1941 to 1946, and was responsible for raising funds nexessary to put the club on a sound financial basis. Earle P. Bardon followed Charlie, and under his direction began a series of improvements that have been followed by his successors.

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Medford Lakes Country Club

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