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"Maplewood Country Club"

Maplewood Country Club
Image from the collection of John Sagi
Women's Golf Schedule

Maplewood Country Club
Image from the collection of John Sagi
1960 Golf Schedule
Fred Baker Club Professional

Maplewood Country Club - NJ-0129 - The Valley Land Company purchased the land in 1908. Continuing: "The area was leased in 1911 to the Maplewood Field Club, a private organization, which set to work building a baseball diamond and four tennis courts. Over time, additional land was purchased to accommodate an 18-hole golf course, rounding out at 82 acres. In 1953, the organization changed its name to the Maplewood Country Club and has been busy improving the grounds ever since."

Key Dates in Maplewood History
Courtesy of Public Library in Maplewood

1920 - The Maplewood Field Club - NJ-0467 (1908-1920) changes its name to Maplewood Country Club and undertakes to build an 18-hole golf course on newly acquired lands.

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Maplewood Country Club

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