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"Glen Ridge Country Club"

Glen Ridge Country Club
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Glen Ridge Country Club
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Glen Ridge Country Club - NJ-0081 - The Golf Club of Glen Ridge was founded by 14 charter members at the residence of Mr. John W. Stewart, 335 Ridgewood Avenue, on October 10, 1894. They set Initiation fees at $1.00 and Annual dues at $3.00. The Club was one of the first hundred golf clubs in the United States and probably the fourth one in New Jersey. The original 9 hole course was located in the area of Ridgewood and Bay Avenues, in Glen Ridge. The original clubhouse was built on what is now Oxford Street. The Club was incorporated as the Country Club of Glen Ridge on April 25, 1911 as a stock company and as of January 22, 1920 as a not-for profit corporation called the Glen Ridge Country Club.

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Glen Ridge Country Club

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