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"Hollingbury Park Golf Club"

Hollingbury Park Golf Club
Image from the Collection of Martin Moseling

Hollingbury Park Golf Club
Birmington backmark 'JF'

Hollingbury Park Golf Club - SUSSE-022 - This club was founded in 1909 as a public course and situated on the Ditchling Road, Brighton, part of the course being the site of a Roman and probably earlier encampments. A large silver medal style button obviously fulfilling both uses as required (25.5mm), it carries a familiar male-dominated central golfing scene with the full club title and location around the edge. The jacketed prominent figure with bent left arm was surely an anachronism by 1923. Marked for the clubs first year Birmingham 1923 by JF.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Any additional images and information about the Hollingbury Park Golf Club is appreciated.

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Hollingbury Park Golf Club

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