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"Maidstone Golf Club"

Maidstone Golf Club
Image from the Collection of Alan Jackson

Maidstone Golf Club

Maidstone Golf Club - KENT-075 - Instituted 1896. A 9 hole course at Bearsted. Length 2670 yards - Bogey 39. Clubhouse opened in 1899 with a match against Folkestone Golf Club. Membership rose to 180 in 1909 and, Because of crowding, in 1914 the club moved to Oakwood Park. One hundred and twenty four members went with the club and the remainder stayed and formed Bearsted Golf Club - KENT-004. The 18-hole course at Oakwood was officially opened on 2nd July 1914 with a match between Harry Vardon, J H Taylor, James Braid and George Duncan. The course was reduced to 9 holes in February 1917 because of reduced usage and rising costs, and in June 1918 was closed for the "duration of the war". In fact the war ended in November 1918 and the full course re-opened in April 1919. In 1948 the land was compulsorily purchased by Kent County Council for school building and recreation land. The land was leased back to the club but immediately 4 holes were lost. Later more land was taken and the course was played as 9 holes from June 1951. In 1961 the tenancy was not renewed and the club vacated the land and clubhouse on 30th September 1962. The club was formally wound up in November 1964.
Courtesy of Alan Jackson

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Maidstone Golf Club

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