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"Berkhamsted Golf Club"

Berkhamsted Golf Club
Image from the collection of Dixon Pickup

Berkhamsted Golf Club

Berkhamsted Golf Club - HERTF-005 - This club was formed in 1890. Ian Stuart’s excellent book, Golf in Hertfordshire states that the Club was formed by enthusiastic teachers from a nearby famous school. The course initially consisted of a few holes around the ancient castle. Around 1900 a move was made up the hill to the eastern part of Berkhamsted Common. The course was extended in 1927 by James Braid and has required very little alteration since then. It is a joy to play at all times of the year and, like Royal Ashdown, is without a single bunker. The flat award button is silver gilt by ‘V&S’ and is marked for Birmingham 1904 (22mm). It is the only button in my collection that does not bear ‘GC’ clubs or balls, but simply the raised arms of the former Borough of Great Berkhamsted: Or, a castle azure with three domed towers, over each of the outer towers a banner argent charged with cross gules, all within a birdure sable charged with gold roundels. The border indicates that the castle appertains to the Duchy of Cornwall. It was the principal home in England of Edward, the Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Any additional images and information about the Berkhamsted Golf Club is appreciated.

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Berkhamsted Golf Club

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