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"North East Derbyshire Golf Club"

North East Derbyshire Golf Club
Image from the Collection of John Sagi

North East Derbyshire Golf Club
30mm Birmingham HM 1909 Walker & Hall

North East Derbyshire Golf Club - DERBS-029 - Instituted 1906. A 10-hole course adjoining Beighton station, holes varying from 170 to 450 yards, Par 40.. The clubhouse is a commodious building that was originally a farmhouse. Later extended to 18 holes. Major trophies: Barkby Shield, Butler Bowdon Cup. Membership 172 (GA1909-10). Last recorded1915.
Courtesy of Alan Jackson

I think I have solved the problem of this very fine button. Firstly the crossed clubs represent 'Golf', secondly the early Hall mark is a big help. The only club that fitted these initials was a 10 hole course adjoining the railway station at Beighton, some 6 miles south east by east from Sheffield. It was in Derbyshire and was called the North East Derbyshire Golf Club. I have noted it from the 1909 'Golfing Annual', but a foundation date was not given. I don't think it survived the First Great War (1914-1918).
Courtesy of Dixon Pickup

Although we can not be 100% sure that the button above is from the North East Derbyshire Golf Club, I will keep it here and hope for additional information about the club.
My Thanks to Alan Jackson and Dixon Pickup for the above research information - John Sagi

Any additional images and information about the North East Derbyshire Golf Club is appreciated.

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North East Derbyshire Golf Club

Any additional information would be appreciated.

Please check back, there will be many interesting items to enjoy.

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