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Coded Golf Club Links & Index Page

Click on each coded club to view a photo and description page of that club collectible. Each golf club page could have more than one collectible. The Golf Club Collection is dedicated to preserving Golf Club history and constantly searching for additional information. Anyone who has artifacts to donate or sell, please contact us. Anyone who has an item not featured here, please e-mail us the information on it so we can include it and photos of it on this site.

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CHES-088 - Hurdsfield Golf Club
CHES-018 - Chester Golf Club
CHES-089 - Higher Hurdsfield Golf Club
CHISL-005 - Royal Jersey Golf Club
IW-012 - Isle of Wight Golf Union
KENT-034 - Littlestone Golf Club
KENT-049 - Shooters Hill Golf Club
LANCS-099 - Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club
MIDDL-042 - Castle Bar Golf Club
MIDDL-041 - Dulwich & Sydenham Hill Golf Club
MIDDL-041 - Ealing Golf Club
SUSSE-022 - Hollingbury Park Golf Club
SUSSE-046 - Kemp Golf Club
WORCS-001 - Blackwell Golf Club
YORKS-154 - Leyburn Golf Club

ANT-027 - Royal Portrush Golf Club

LOM-021 - Villa D'Este Golf Club

ANGUS-011 - Monifieth Links Golf Club
SUTHE-006 - Sutherland Golfing Society

Overseas Coded Golf Clubs Canada
MayfairGolf Country Club
BULA-001 - Bulawayo Country Club
BULA-002 - Bulawayo Golf Club
BULA-003 - Hornung Golf Club
HARA-001 - Wingate Park Golf Club
HARA-002 - Chapman Golf Club
HARA-003 - Country Golf Club
HARA-004 - Borrowdale Brooke Golf & Country Club
HARA-005 - Warren Hills Golf Club
HARA-006 - Zimbabwe Golf Association
HARA-007 - Jumbo Mine
HARA-008 - Marondera Golf Course
HARA-009 - Mt. Pleasant
HARA-010 - Norton Golf Course
HARA-011 - Police
HARA-012 - Sherwood
MACE-001 - Mvurwi Golf Club
MAEA-001 - Ruwa Country and Golf Club
MAEA-002 - Falcon Golf Club
MANI-001 - Hillside Golf Club
MANI-002 - Claremont
MANI-003 - Leopard Rock Championship
MANI-004 - Troutbeck Inn Golf Club
MANI-005 - Leopard Rock Golf Club
MANO-001 - Harry Allen Golf Club
MANO-002 - Elephant Hills Golf Club
MANO-003 - Hwange Golf Club
MASO-001 - Royal Harare Golf Club
MASV-001 - Zvishavane Golf Course
MASV-002 - Hippo Valley Golf Club
MASV-003 - Mashava Golf Course
MASV-004 - Masingo
MASV-005 - Mkwasine
MASV-006 - Triangle Country Club
MAWE-001 - Norton Country & Golf Club
MAWE-002 - Cam & Motor Golf Club
MAWE-003 - Kadoma Golf Club
MIDL-001 - Gweru Golf Club
MIDL-002 - Saunders Park Golf Club
MIDL-003 - Kwekwe Golf Club
MIDL-004 - Redcliff Golf Course

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