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"Brough Golf Club"

Brough Golf Club
Image from the Collection of John Sagi

Brough Golf Club
25mm Birmingham HM 1905 'V & S' - Awarded 1906

Brough Golf Club
Image from the Collection of Ian and Jane Tanser

Brough Golf Club
25mm Birmingham HM ???? 'V & S' - Awarded 1914

Brough Golf Club - YORKS-020 - In the autumn of 1891 a meeting was held at the Ferry Inn, Brough, attended by Mr West and Dr Mossman, Mr Gregory and FM and Maxwell Jackson and three or four other gentlemen. After a vote, an annual subscription of 5/- was agreed, not the 2/6d that had been proposed. It was then decided to lay out a 9 hole course and to purchase an old wooden "Monkey House" for use as a Clubhouse, sited on the present 2nd green. Brough Golf Club was officially recognised by the R & A in 1893. Further land was acquired in 1905, when an 18 hole course was created. The present imposing Clubhouse was purchased, together with three acres of grounds, in 1925 for 3,750. Following additional acquisitions of land, the course was extended and improved in 1933 and 1955.

There were only 6 buttons awarded from 1904 up to 1914 when the first world war started and the awards stopped until war ended. A medal with a bigger copy mirror image was produced and awarded from 1918 to the beginning of the second world war then stopped for the duration.

Any additional images and information about the Brough Golf Club is appreciated.

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Brough Golf Club

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