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" West Herts Golf Club "

Button # 84
Monthly Medal

Button # 84a
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Button # 383
Lady Associates

Button # 383a
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Button # 392
Bogey Medal

Button # 392a
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Button # 470

Button # 470a


West Herts Golf Club - This club was founded in 1890, the first nine holes (later to become eighteen) being in the grounds of Bushey Hall. Problems between the Club and landlord led to a move around 1896 to Cassiobury Park near Watford, the then seat of George Devereux de Vere Capell, seventh Earl of Essex. The Earl, a keen player, was also President of the Club. The flat silver gilt award example button displays a stag couchant within a large capital G, all resting upon crossed clubs, the Club title in stylised capitals is interspersed with mesh pattern balls. A furles scroll at the base is inscribed ‘Medal’. It is assayed for London 1915 with the makers mark ‘WC’ (23mm).

Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

West Herts Golf Club
Button - 1 & 2
Buttons # 84, 383, 392 & 470

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