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"Warrington Golf Club"

Button # 50
Image submitted by John Sagi

Back of Button # 50a
30mm Birmingham HM 1909 'J.M'

Warrington Golf Club
- The club was founded in 1903 at Hill Warren, Appleton, near Warrington. This large (24mm) silver award example is in silver but is not hall-marked. It shows raised designs with the principal feature of a shield bearing the arms of the then town: Erminois (omitted here) six lions rampant gules within a border azure charged with eight covered cups or. The lions represent the arms of the first lord of the manor Pain de Vilars (Henry I) and the cups are from the arms of the Botelers (or Butlers) to whom the manor and the baronry passed. Reverse shows the makerís mark S.B. & S Ld.

Back Marks
John Sagi - 50a - 30mm Birmingham HM 1909 'J.M.'
Dixon Pickup - 50b - 30mm Birmingham HM 1910 'J.M.'

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Warrington Golf Club - 1

Buttons # 50

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