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"Ventnor Golf Club"

Button # 103
Button submitted by John Sagi

Back of Button # 103a
22.5mm 'WMCo' HM 1933

Back of Button # 103b
22.5mm 'WMCo' HM 1913

Button # 313
Button submitted by a Private Collector

Button # 313a
Flat no back marks

Button # 317
Button submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 317a
22.5mm 'WMCo' HM 1933

Ventnor Golf Club - The club was formed in 1892 at Steephill Down Road, Ventnor. (A later address is Whitwell Road). A uniform example in copper gilt. (22mm). The raised design employing crossed clubs to form the V of the neat monogram, with a single ball above, the reverse plain. A hall-marked silver version is recorded but the monogram is a lettered only design, no reverse details are available.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Button Backs
Dixon Pickup - 103b - 'WMCo' HM 1913
John Sagi - 103a - 'WMCo' HM 1933

Ventnor Golf Club - 1

Button # 313

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