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" Swinton Park Golf Club "

Button # 384

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Originally founded as Claremont Golf Club in 1906 as a nine hole course on land around "Teapot Hall" in Radcliff Park Road, Salford, the club had an initial membership of 200 and a visitor day fee of 1/- (one shilling). Claremont Golf Club continued to prosper until it was formally wound up on Monday 9th March 1925 due to major road development through the site with a final membership of 400. New land was then leased alongside the old course and new club re-formed to be known as Swinton Park Golf Club, taking its name from the land upon which the new course was laid out.

Swinton Park Golf Club - Then was founded in 1926 on the East Lancashire Road, Swinton, Manchester. The silver and enamel award button of 23 mm displays the usual emblems and club title enhanced by the spectacular orange enamel. Retailed by G.E.Co. MAN and hall-marked Birmingham 1939 by T.J.S.. This is the latest dated button in the collection. Examples in silver-gilt and enamel and plain silver have also been noted.

Button image submitted by Dixon Pickup.

Club information submitted by Martin Moseling and Dixon Pickup.

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Button # 384

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