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"The Society of Golfers"

Button # 394
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 394a
23mm no back marks

Society of Golfers - A uniform coatee period item of the finest die-cutting and copper gilt construction (23mm) the obverse bears the effigy of St Andrew upon the Cross. The quality of the die work is such that every fold of his cassock is artistically depicted and the nail heads clearly visible. The figure and the legend are both in relief. There is no back mark other than a central horizontal mould line, but evidence exists that confirm it was manufactured by Messrs. Hammond Turner & Dickenson of Snowhill, Birmingham and can be dated to c1791-1816. HT&D appear to have commenced applying their back mark c1805; they made amongst others, the majority of buttons for the Royal Navy until c1825. The problem remains in identifying which society wore this button, for, as Robert Browning states in ‘A History of Golf’’, all the early clubs were societies first. I am hoping that a fellow member can provide the answer.

Information submitted by Dixon Pickup.

Society of Golfers

Buttons # 394

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