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"Royal Blackheath Golf Club"

Button # 117
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button 117_1a submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 117a

Button # 117_1a

Royal Blackheath Golf Club - A fine Sheffield plated uniform button of the coatee period c1800-1844, slightly convex and measuring 22.8mm. The obverse central reserve displaying crossed long-nose clubs and two feathery balls; the outer circle having a dimpled ground and the legend, ‘Blackheath Golf Club'. AD 1745. Vi et Arte’. The back mark is of crucial importance being, ‘I. McGowan Gerrard St London.’ James McGowan (the ‘J’ was latinised in the early period by both McGowan and Joseph Nutting) commenced business as a button manufacturer at 38 King Street Soho (London) c1795. In 1802 he moved across Charing Cross Road to Gerrard Street occupying premises variously at Nos. 31-33. John McGowan is listed as the proprietor in 1811 followed by another James. Noted for their high quality military and society buttons the company had moved to Fitzroy Square c1845 diversifying into ‘clothiers’ by 1852. The true date of the founding of the Royal Blackheath Golf Club is still subject to debate, but at least the members of c1800-44 seemed certain of 1745. The club was granted the appellation ‘Royal’ in 1857.

Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Royal Blackheath Golf Club

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