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"Porters Park Golf Club"

Button # 110
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button # 110a

Button # 471
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 471a

Porters Park Golf Club - This club was formed in 1899 at Shenley Hill Radlett, Hertfordshire. Two if not three small clubs had existed in the area from c1890, and were brought together in 1899 with play over part of the Porters Estate owned by a Mr Grace. The course was quickly altered and expanded and in 1904 the new owner of the estate asked that the Club’s name be changed to Porters Park Golf Club. The silver award button shown is by ‘JRG&S’ (Gaunts). Diameter is 22mm and hallmark is Birmingham 1925. The central motif is a large bramble pattern ball resting upon crossed clubs. The elaborate title scroll is fully explanatory: ‘Porters Park Golf Club Est 1899’

Porters Golf Club

Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Porters Park Golf Club

Button # 110, # 471

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