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" North Surrey Golf Club "

Button # 91

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Button # 465

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Button # 535

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North Surrey Golf Club - This club was founded December 1894 with play over Norwood Common and comprising eighteen holes. The ‘commodious club house’ was situated 100 yards from Norbury Station. The course I think must have been shared as I have noted two other variably titled clubs playing over the Common. As to when the Club and play on the Common ceased I am not sure, perhaps c1920. Two varying button awards are shown, the first type also occurs in gilt for uniform purposes, and the second I have noted in medal format. Type one is 21.5mm with raised design featuring the three towered castle based on that shown on the arms of Guildford, at the base semi-stylised capitals ‘NSGC’. The reverse is assayed to Birmingham 1896 by ‘V&S’. This is my earliest dated ‘award’ button. Another example (Birmingham 1899) is scratch engraved on the reverse ‘EL Shattock/58 Canada’, this may relate to the 58th (Central Ontario) Battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1915-18. The second type 26mm shows a similar but more correct portrayal of the castle as used by Guildford, with the club title in full around the edge. The reverse is unmarked but the shank is original.

Images submitted by John Sagi & Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

North Surrey Golf Club - 2

Button # 91, # 465 & # 535

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