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"Newhaven Golf Club"

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Newhaven Golf Club - (Sussex) The club was instituted in 1889, re-formed in 1896 and changed its name to Peacehaven GC c1920. The attractive nine-holes course is just west of Newhaven and lies north of the A259 Brighton road. According to local legend play was once on the cliff top south of the main road (perhaps the 1889 course) but cliff falls brought about the necessary move. There is still quite a lot of land on the south side, so a course could well have been there. The button is a very fine copper gilt uniform type (25mm). The central shield displays a three masted ship with sails reefed upon waves of the sea, above the ship a seabird in flight regardant; around the edge ‘Newhaven Golf Club’ in ancient Lombardic script capitals. The reverse marks are probably those of a retailer, ‘Welch 34 Glasshouse St Regent St’. Newhaven has no matriculated arms nor a town seal so the ship charge could relate to the former importance of the town when it was the sixth busiest port in England, or that the early headquarters of the club were at the Ship Hotel, (still extant). I retain a soft spot for the course having enjoyed my first formal lessons there with the late professional Reg Matthews in the early 1950s.

Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Newhaven Golf Club

Buttons # 459

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