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"Littlehampton Golf Club"

Button # 486
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 486a
'Firmin & Sons Ld London'

Button # 675
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 675a
'Firmin & Sons Ld London'

Littlehampton Golf Club - # 486 - 21mm, silver but not hall-marked. Closed back. The obverse with a burnished rim and fine horizontally lined ground; upon this a raised design of crossed clubs with a ball in the lower angle. Upon the clubs a monogram 'LGC'. The 'L' with dotted decoration, the 'C' with horizontally lined decoration, and the smaller 'G' with a grained decoration. On the reverse, the outer area has been very finely and minutely engraved with the recipient's details, '21.2.03' (you would say, 2 .21.03) and his score, '86-6=80'. A very good score round Littlehampton in February 1903! The maker's mark is, 'Firmin & Sons Ld London'. Above # 675 is a gilt uniform version, design and maker's mark as for the silver.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Littlehampton Golf Club

Buttons # 486

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