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"Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club"

Button # 846
Image submitted by a Private Collector

Button # 846a
Birmingham HM 1907 "L.P & A" for Lloyd, Paine & Amiel

Button # 777
Image submitted by a Private Collector

Button # 777a
Birmingham HM 1930 'J R' (John Rose 1902-1973)

Button # 777_2
Images submitted by Martin Moseling

Button # 777_2a
22mm Believe bottom left of button is altered

Button # 777_2b
Flaw in casting

Button # 777_2c
Possible illegal.

Button # 777_3
Button image submitted by a Private Collector

Button # 777_3a
no back mark

Button # 777_4
Button image submitted Mullock's Auction

Button # 777_4a
Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club silver buttons c1922 – hallmarked
Birmingham and embossed with period golf scenes and on the
reverse stamped Southport and Ainsdale Monthly medal. (G)

Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club - LANCS-099 - I believe button 777_2 has been cast from another button using the "lost wax" casting method. I say this for two reasons. Firstly you can clearly see the marks of the rubber mould on the picture of the back of the button and , secondly, there is a casting fault at about 11 o'clock as you look at the face of the button which hasn't been properly finished.
These are silver buttons although not hallmarked and, in all probability, the original wasn't hallmarked either although I can see there is a place on the rear rim that may have been blanked out to prevent the hallmark being repeated in the mould which, of course, would have been an offence under the Hallmarking Act!!

Any additional information or images that would help with the history of the Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club is appreciated.

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Southport and Ainsdale Golf Club

Any additional information would be appreciated.

Please check back, there will be many interesting items to enjoy.

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