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"Hanger Hill Golf Club"

Button # 464
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 464a
‘E. Armfield & Co Birmingham’

Button # 714
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 714a
‘E. Armfield & Co Birmingham’

Hanger Hill Golf Club - This club was founded in 1900 at Ealing, Middlesex the nearest stations being Ealing Broadway and Ealing Common. In 1908 the clubhouse was described as ‘a mansion’, and the professional was the up and coming and soon to be famous, George Duncan. A copper gilt uniform example (22.5mm) is very slightly convex with raised designs. Within a narrow burnished rim upon a lined ground a shield bearing the county arms: gules three seaxes proper, the ‘homespun’ crest being a dexter forearm grasping a club, at the base a furled scroll iscribed: ludo ut vincam. (The Latin adverb ut is not easy to translate in a fragment such as this, but perhaps, ‘play to master’ ie the game not the opponent, is a fair translation). The full club title runs around the top edge. The reverse marks are ‘E. Armfield & Co Birmingham’. A smaller cuff button (16.5mm) is identical. I am not sure when this prestigious club was dissolved or built over; a member may perhaps supply the details.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Hanger Hill Golf Club

Buttons # 464

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