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"Green Haworth Golf Club"

Button # 546
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 546a
Birmingham HM 1925 'W&H'

Green Haworth Golf Club - Formally established in 1914 Green Haworth Golf Club owes its origins to the Rileys, a local influential business family with an estate of land and property. Looking for social sporting recreation the Riley family began playing golf on the grazing moorland of Green Haworth. As the Green Haworth Golf Club was then formed, a mere thirty individuals made up this exclusive membership. The early course comprised of a simple six holes with the members changing rooms located in a cottage on Schoolhouse Lane, some 400 yards from the first tee.

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Dixon Pickup - 546a - Birmingham HM 1925 - 'W&H'

Green Haworth Golf Club

Button # 546

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