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"Felixstowe Golf Club"

Button # 99
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button # 99a
21.5mm ‘Firmin & Sons Ld London. Patent 2340’

Felixstowe Golf Club - This club was formed in 1880 at Ferry Road Felixstowe Suffolk. This is a very fine two-piece convex copper gilt uniform type with raised designs (21.5mm). Within a burnished rim and all on a lined ground, is a strap bearing the club title and enclosing crossed clubs and a Martello tower. This edifice shows a flag, doorway, windows and a drawbridge to the left side in the down position. The lower section of this defensive tower still remains. The reverse marked, ‘Firmin & Sons Ld London. Patent 2340’. The Club is now known as Felixstowe Ferry GC, and runs two courses: the Martello and the nine holes Kingsfleet.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Felixstowe Golf Club

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