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"Downs Golf Club"

Button # 472
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 472a
24mm 'Armfields Birmingham'

Button # 535
Image submitted by Martin Moseling

Button # 535a
Silver no HM 'W.DOWLER & SONS BIRMm'

Downs Golf Club - This club was founded in 1900 most probably as ‘Deal Ladies GC’ with a name change c1908. The Deal Ladies Club played over nine holes located one mile from Deal Station. The Downs GC of eight holes was threequarters of a mile from Deal Station, surely the same location. The Club existed until c1958. I hope a local BGCS member can provide more specific details. The flat copper gilt uniform button is 24mm and thoughtfully displays the club’s initials and full title interspersed with the standard emblems, the reverse with manufacturer’s mark, Armfields Birmingham.

Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Downs Golf Club

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