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"Davy Hulme Park Golf Club"

Button # 93
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button # 93a
28.5mm Birmingham HM 1934 'F&S'

Button # 93c
28.5mm Birmingham HM 1927 'FJ&S'

93a                                             93b                                               93c


Davy Hulme Park Golf Club - On 21 April 1911 a meeting was held at 67 Princess Street Manchester to form Davyhulme Park Golf Club Company Limited to take up the lease of the land at Davyhulme Hall from J B N Entwisle.

This then comprised the 9-hole golf course with an option to lease additional land adjoining the golf course to extend to 18 holes.

Back Marks
93c Submitted by Martin Moseling - Birmingham HM 1927
93a submitted by John Sagi - Birmingham HM 1934
93b submitted by Dixon Pickup

Davy Hulme Park Golf Club - 1

Button # 93

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