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"Davenport Golf Club"

Button # 382
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19mm Silver not hall marked, no b/mark.

Davenport Golf Club - Located in Poynton, Cheshire. Originally conceived in the Stockport district in 1913 by a group who delighted in the name 'The Niblicks'. Their aim was not to form a golf club, but a society, to enable a group of friends to play golf on certain fields. It quickly became apparent that it had indeed become a golf club. The Club continued happily until 1966, road proposals put a threat to its future existence and in 1969 the shareholders agreed to sell the land and purchase Worth Hall Farm in Poynton to enable the construction of an 18 hole course. The last competition at Garners Lane was played on 29th September 1973 and the members moved to Worth Hall in the first week of October 1973.

Club information submitted by Martin Moseling.

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Button # 382

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