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"Meyrick & Queens Park Golf Club"

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Meyrick & Queens Park Golf Club - DORSE-020 - The Bournemouth (place) golfing situation was complicated. The Bournemouth Golf Club originally played outside the town. The Council then opened two courses, Meyrick Park and Queens Park, and Bournemouth Golf Club moved in to Meyrick, but also played on Queens Park. There were also players who did not belong to Bournemouth Golf Club at both courses, and they formed themselves into M&QPSG, and later they were absorbed into Bournemouth Golf Club - are you still with me?. The two courses remain public pay and play to this day.

The above is 90% accurate, but there are sources which tell a slightly different story, but I won't go into that now!

Courtesy of Alan Jackson

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Meyrick & Queens Park Golf Club

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