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"Chorlton Cum Hardy Golf Club"

Button # 16
Image submitted by John Sagi

Button # 16a - 25mm.
'J.H.P.NICHOLSON April 1911'. Birmingham 1911 'W.B & S'.

Button # 16b - 25mm.
'T.L.BROOK Feb 1917'. Birmingham 1907 'W.B & S'.

Button # 480
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Button # 480a
25.5mm Birmingham HM 1907 'W.B & S'

Chorlton Cum Hardy Golf Club - An earlier award pattern has recently come to hand, again in silver marked for Birmingham 1907 (W.B.& S.) (25.5mm). Flat with a chamfered edge and finely raised designs, comprising the full club title with crossed clubs and a ball resting on two simply decorated bars. The exergue engraved with the recipient’s details, C. Timmis Aug ‘07.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Back Marks
Dixon Pickup - 16a - 'J.H.P.NICHOLSON April 1911'. Birmingham 1911 'W.B & S'.
John Sagi - 16b - 'W.McCRAE June 1916'. Birmingham 1915 'W.B & S'.
Dixon Pickup - 480a - 'Timmis Aug ‘07'. Birmingham 1907 'W.B & S'.

Chorlton Cum Hardy Golf Club

Buttons # 16 & # 480

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