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"Chevin Golf Club"

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Chevin Golf Club - The club was formed in 1894 at Duffield village some six miles north of Derby on the A6. This silver award example is flat 23.5mm and shows a dimpled ground within a raised rim, therein a raised shield for the recipient’s details with a club title scroll below. The reverse bears the marks for Birmingham 1909 by V&S. This is a very friendly Club with a testing moorland course and superb views. Leaving the pretty short Seventh you are confronted by a daunting prospect: an ancient pack-horse road lined with stone walls to your left; a very deep ‘Slough of Despond’ to your right; and a convex rising fairway to your front. I assure you the descent from the twelfth hole onward is just as attractive and you will have earned your refreshment.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Chevin Golf Club

Buttons # 493

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