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"Castle Bromwich Golf Club"

Button # 430
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 430a
Birmingham HM 1905 'A.M.'

Button # 13
Image submitted by John Sagi

Back of Button # 13a
30mm Birmingham HM 1917 'W.J.D.'

Button # 7
Image submitted by John Sagi

Back of Button # 7a
26mm 'SILVER' 'T&S'

Button # 431
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 431a
22mm Birmingham HM 1921 'T & S.'

Castle Bromwich Golf Club - The club was founded in 1898 as the Ward End Golf Club, it moved a little further east in 1905 to land owned by the Earl of Bradford at his secondary country estate Castle Bromwich, the home of his eldest son Viscount Newport. In the late 1930s the then Earl was obliged to sell this estate to pay death duties. Eager to ensure the Club’s future he was able to secure land a little further east at Maxstoke Park. With the advent of World War II the completion of this move was postponed until 1946; after a short time the Club changed its name to Maxstoke Park GC. A fragment of the old course can still be identified, with the remainder built over.

My collection includes a trio of award buttons, all in hall-marked silver. The first (# 7) was issued in the Club’s first year at the new site (Birmingham 1905, back mark A.M), and shows the rather curious display of two trios of clubs bound with a double riband, with a tri-part scroll above bearing the club title. Diameter is 22mm. Precisely when this pattern was succeeded is unknown but that showing a male golfer at the finish of his swing with other devotees in the background (# 13) It is dated 1913, with a back mark of W.J.D. and measures 25mm. This was a fairly popular design in the Edwardian era. This button was won by PW Robinson a pupil at King Edward VI School, Birmingham. Enlisting in 1914 he was commissioned into the 1st/5th Battalion, The South Staffordshire Regiment c1915 and served on the Western Front for the remainder of the war. He died in South Africa c1980.

The ladies club, formed at the same time settled on a standard type, the design including clubs, balls and club title (# 431).
(22mm) Birmingham 1921 by T & S.

Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Button back
Dixon Pickup - 430a - Birmingham HM 1905 'A.M.'
Dixon Pickup - 13b - 25mm Birmingham HM 1913 'W.J.D.'
John Sagi - 13a - 30mm Birmingham HM 1917 'W.J.D.'
Dixon Pickup - 431a - 22mm Birmingham HM 1921 'T & S.'

Castle Bromwich Golf Club

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