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"Golf Club of Avon "

Golf Club of Avon
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Golf Club of Avon
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Golf Club of Avon - CT-0044 - In 1925, Samuel Graham of Unionville called Dr.Ralph Cox of Collinsville and discussed the idea of developing a golf course in the local area. The Stillwell Farm in Avon, consisting of 60 acres, was purchased by Mr. Graham with the intent of developing the farm into a golf course. After canvassing a number of residents in Avon, Canton, Farmington, Simsbury and Unionville, it was apparent that there was considerable interest in membership of a golf club. More acreage was available and purchased. A nine hole golf course was laid out and a golf professional, Mr. Charles Henderson, was hired. The group of appointed officers sold bonds to raise monies for the construction of a clubhouse.

The project was started in 1927. Good springs were found on the grounds for the water supply. Lumber for the clubhouse was cut from near-by woods. The clubhouse was finished in 1928 and the Golf Club of Avon was incorporated at that time for approximately $90,000. Mr. Henderson resigned as golf professional and Mr. George Seibert became the new professional.

The original course was changed in 1963 so that the first nine holes ended at the clubhouse. The third nine holes was opened for play in 1967 and gave the club considerable versatility with the twenty-seven holes played as three separate eighteen hole courses.

In 1931, women's play was organized and weekly tournament prizes were awarded. The women also contributed $25 to the men's organization to help care for the greens. The second World War interrupted everyone's normal living, including the members at the Avon Country Club with ensuing hard times for the Club. The City Club of Hartford, having decided that the Avon Country Club would be an asset, purchased the Club in March, 1945.

The Avon Country Club then became the Golf Club of Avon and a part of the two-way combination with the City Club of Hartford. The City Club of Hartford was originally incorporated on July 24, 1913 and in 1924, the City Club moved into a building which had been constructed for the Club's use at 10 Allyn Street. The Club remained in those quarters until 1970. The City Club of Hartford then moved to 250 Constitution Plaza.

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Golf Club of Avon

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