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"Brandwood House Golf Club"

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Image submitted by John Sagi

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22mm Birmingham HM 1929 'W.O.L.'

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Image submitted by Martin Moseling

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Brandwood House Golf Club - Instituted 1923. An 18-hole course at Brandwood Road, Kings Heath, the planning of which owed much to A R Wheildon, of Moseley. The attractions of the club include billiards - there are three tables at members’ command - and tennis - both hard and grass courts - so that if there is any monotony at golf alternative consolations are available. The club appeals especially to Players who wish to have a game in the evening after business hours, for, being within five minutes walk of the Alcester Lane’s tram Terminus, it is unusually accessible and can be reached fron town within forty minutes by tram or bus. Ceased operation 1936.

Information submitted by Alan Jackson

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John Sagi - 70a - 22mm Birmingham HM 1929 'W.O.L.'

Brandwood HouseGolf Club

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