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"Bramhall Golf Club"

Button # 27
Image submitted by John Sagi - 23mm Birmingham HM 1906 W. B & S

Button # 27a - 1906                 Button # 27b - 1907

Button # 27c - 1910                 Button # 27d - 1913

Bramhall Golf Club Stockport, Cheshire was founded in 1905 and has a rich history. From humble beginnings with members using a local farm as a club house and playing on a 9-hole course the club and the course developed so that Bramhall Golf Club now has a reputation as one of the finest in the area. Alex Herd, the 1902 Open Champion, was involved in the design of the original 18-hole course and said that he had never seen a better or more varied course on the same amount of land. A few years later Dr Mackenzie, the well-known golf course architect, undertook to supervise personally a whole range of improvements. Whilst there have been many modifications and improvements since, the club remains indebted to these early contributions which provided the basis of the excellent golf course that exists today. Currently the men's course measures 6347 years with a standard par 0f 70 whilst the ladies' course measures 5689 yards with a par of 73. The high standard of the course is reflected in the fact that the club has regularly hosted county and regional fixtures and has also had the honour of hosting the European Ladies Matchplay Championship.

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John Sagi - 27a - 23mm - Birmingham HM 1906 W.B & S
Graham Vanstone - 27c - 23mm - Birmingham HM 1907 W.B & S
Dixon Pickup - 27b - 23mm - Birmingham HM 1910 'W.B & S'
Graham Vanstone - 27d - 23mm - Birmingham HM 1913 W.B & S

Bramhall Golf Club

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