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"Ashley Wood Golf Club"

Button # 458
Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

Back of Button # 458a
‘Firmin & Sons Ld 153 Strand London’

Ashley Wood Golf Club - According to the Golfing Annual for 1908 the Club was originally constituted in 1896. A nine-holes course lying just over a mile from Blandford Station. This is a flat copper gilt example (23.5mm) with a coin-like rim and displaying a fine monogram, ‘AWGC’ in stylised capitals. The back mark is of interest, ‘Firmin & Sons Ld 153 Strand London’, as the company left these premises, which they had occupied since 1783, around 1895/6. The attribution is tentative but I can trace no other ‘AW’ or ‘WA’ club for the period.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Ashley Wood Golf Club

Buttons # 458

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