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"Addington Court Golf Club"

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Image submitted by Dixon Pickup

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Addington Court Golf Club - Formed in 1907 at Croydon, Surrey, the 1909-10 Golfing Annual gives details. The course was of eighteen holes totalling 6000 yards surely a strong test for those days. Subsoil was chalky with good drainage. The button is marked for Birmingham 1909 by SB&S (S. Blanckensee & Son Ltd). Measuring 26mm with raised designs the scrolls above Addington Court Golf Club and below, Far and Sure enclose crossed clubs and three balls. Upon the clubs appear the ancient arms of Meschines similar to those of North Wales GC (above) but without the Prince of Wales feathers. Philip Truett tells me that by c1912 the Club and course were failing from lack of support, and the advent of WWI put an end to it. Croydon Borough Council purchased the land c1922 and in 1931 re-opened the course as a public one, still named Addington Court, in which form it remains.

Information is from an article in "The British Golf Collectors Society" written by Dixon Pickup.

Addington Court Golf Club

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