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USA Golf Club Button Research

John Sagi
Dixon Pickup Martin Mosling
Alan Jackson
Lois Pool
It all began in 1996.

I was collecting golf memorablia because I always loved to learn about the history of the clubs, especially the defunct clubs. I found many clubs changed their names and there was no way to know of said change. I created a database for all USA golf clubs, even the defunct and clubs that changed their name. This would allow me to link the clubs and give a time line for some of the collectibles. It received little interest and after a few years and little response from the older clubs, the database was put on the back burner.

The great awakening was back in the beginning of 2010 when approached by the editor of the National Button Club Society Judy Stopke, to write an article about my Golf Club Button Collection. I decided to make a personal website for my collection active for all to view. At that time I had 208 different golf club buttons and about 35 images of club buttons I didn't have. Within a couple of weeks, I was contacted by a few golf club button collectors that I started to trade with. I found they had buttons in their collection that I didn't have. They were kind enough to send me images of their buttons, so I could add them to the website. This took the images to a total of appoximately 320 different buttons. Then the greatest thing happen when I was contacted by a gentleman who I believe has the largest known golf club button collection. He also believed in the researching of the older defunct golf clubs and offered to give me images of buttons from clubs I didn't have. This took the collection to over 600 club buttons. To our amazement there were some clubs that had a few different style buttons and they help to create a time line of the club. I've also become friends with a gentleman that has a database of over 15,000 defunct golf clubs from the UK.

I've been asked by the editor of the British Golf Collectors Society John Pearson to write an article on the US Golf Club Buttons. I think this is a great idea, but I had little information to write about. Out of my collection, only 22 buttons are from the United States and most of them were from association golf professional's clothing companies. My only means of identifing US buttons would be from the button makers marks on the back of the button. There were a few clubs that purchased their club buttons from overseas.

We did have a few button makers from the US such as:

Brooks Brothers NY
D, Evans & Company
L.G. Balfour Company
Tho's J. Dunn MF'R. N.Y.
Waterbury Button Co.

I've discovered that the clubs in the United States often used the clubs letters or initials which makes it hard to associate the button to the club without any other proof like a scorecard from SFG which is San Francisco Golf Club. I found BGC which is Baltusrol Golf Club from a club jacket that was from The Collection of the USGA Golf Museum. It would be great if the button comes from the family member of the club, but that doesn't happen very often.

Brooks Brothers NY - (click image)

Below are three different button companies. Left to right are:
D, Evans & Company - Tho's J. Dunn MF'R. N.Y. - Waterbury Button Company.
(click image)

This site is designed for participation from collectors and researchers. Become a piece of History, because when you submit information, you'll receive the credits due to you. If you want to remain annonymous I will list the information as private collector.

To the top left are our researchers that make the site grow.

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