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"Identify Your Collectible"

  Now you can help save the memories of a golf course or club by identifying their collectibles. Many of the older postcards of clubs that existed or have changed
  their name were only listed by their town or county or state. They also would say "Golf Links" or "Country Club" or "Golf Course and the town the club
  was in. If you are given more than one searchable bit of information, it could be easier to identify the club.
Our search engine can help you in the following ways:

  1. When searching by name, many clubs may have been called "Country Club of" or "Golf Club of", so you may have to try other methods of searching.

  2. If searching by name doesn't help you can try searching by state & county or state & town. Both ways work well.

  3. We continue to add images to all the clubs and have identified clubs by viewing the images from the clubs in the same area and they had the same
  club house, fairways, greens or other identifying features.

  4. We are always asking clubs to give us an image of their clubs crest or logo. This has been a great help when researching golf club blazer buttons.
  Many golf clubs used their crest or logo for their personal club buttons. This also helps identify scorecards and ballmarkers, etc...

  5. Finding and identifying collectibles from a club that no longer exists and keeps their memory alive through their personal page and code number. If a club has
  changed its name or merged with another club, I will give each club a personal page and code number.

  You may also "Adopt a Golf Course". Any active or past courses or clubs can adopt. You'll get input to help with the history of that particular club.
  We welcome historians of a club or historical society, that are looking for information and collectibles for their past clubs history.

  I've found that unlike the golf clubs from the UK, many USA clubs did not save or have lost their club minutes. This is the reason I hope to help the older
  clubs restore their history. I've found when reading the history of a club that there is a tremendous amount of quality history that not only tells us how the
  club started, but shows us time lines of other clubs that may not exist and have been forgotten.

  Type into the Golf Course Search Engine below the name of the course or club your interested in, to see if it is listed. For the best results type in the first
  three or four letters. If you can't find the club email us and we'll check it out and add it, if needed. Please include state, town and county if possible.
  Attaching images gives us a better chance to identifying the club.

Golf Course Search
Course Name 

For the best result type in the first three or four letters to get the best results.
This will help to eliminate possible clubs that have abbreviations.

"Collectibles that are still unidentified"
Your welcome to add your collectible

   NJ1 - New Jersey Golf Club by a Lake - John Sagi - email

  I've added countries to the USA Database. Additional countries are: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Zimbabwe, Italy and the Netherlands.

  Our database is unique because it is designed for researchers and collectors. It not only has the active clubs, but the defunct clubs and clubs
  that have changed their names or merged.

  The system I have developed will help you find information and collectibles from a club by code numbers. When you put the clubs code number
  into a major search engine you will find the information. I have helped bring life back to golf clubs that were lost because they closed before
  the Internet came about.

  I continue to add images and information and appreciate the help from fellow researchers and collectors. If you know of a club that no longer exists
  and is not in my search engine database, please email me the information so I can add it to the database for all to enjoy. You could have your
  name for the credit or if you do not wish to have your name listed it would say from a private collector. I find most of my information on old postcards
  and scorecards. If you like the sight and like to help you can contact me.

  Any donations, images or information can be sent to johnsagi@sbcglobal.net

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High resolution photos and stories can be emailed
or sent via U.S. mail.

John Sagi
1414 Watersedge Drive
Toms River, NJ 08753

Below are three different buttons having the same figure. Two are known clubs.
Does anyone know which club belongs to the center button?

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If you would like to contribute to the site and/or be added to our Collectors About Us Page, email us. Any help is appreciated.
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